Health and Social Care NVQ

Social Care NVQ

An NVQ is a certification award given in England. It is basically an assessment for professionals that has to be earned through proper training and evaluation which is based on National Occupational Standard.

Professionals from any field, who prove that they are capable of their job to the required level, get a certification award of NVQ. This award enables them to gain more respect in their profession along with a better job of course.

Typically, candidates of NVQ either work for a paid or a voluntary position. For instance, someone working on the administration post can take an NVQ in business and administration. Along with the professional, non-professional and students who have part time jobs can also take an NVQ.

Speaking of benefits of NVQ, there is no comparison between paper-based qualification and practical qualification. A person may have good grades on GCSE, ‘O’ and ‘A’ level or even higher education.

However, the real exam starts when the professional period begins. Therefore, the NVQ is the ultimate award which accomplishes and ensures proper education, both pen-paper and practical.

There are number of concentration in NVQ, Some of the are- Business Administration, Food and catering, Engineering, Construction, Health and Social Care etc. There are five levels to evaluate your competence, Level-1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-.

These levels reflects the range of supervisory and technical skills. Level 1 is the beginner level, where the range of activity is usually predictable and routine based. Level 2 is broader than level 1, where responsibility comes and where individual has to work as a team member.

In level 3, bigger responsibility like instructing others and managing the situation. In level 4, substantial personal autonomy is required with wider technical knowledge, and lastly. In level 5, the ultimate range of unpredictability where individual has to work with competence, analysis, pre-work, experience, and wisdom.

There are many types of involvement in NVQ. Centers (educational institutions, employers) who are responsible for quality of provided qualification, Employers who work with assessors and provide relevant training, Candidates who want to achieve NVQ award, Assessor- the people who assess, Internal verifiers to monitor the assessors, Expert Witness who gives professional opinion about the candidate,

External verifiers who visit the workplace, and Edexcel-awarding organization who approves from registration to awards. One has to gather evidence from verifiers, witnesses, and experts to establish his/her competence in front of assessors.

In recent days, a large number of people are taking social care NVQ.

The NVQs in social and health care are offered at level 2, 3, and 4. This is aimed to working with either older people or children.

It also enables to work with people who are physically disabled and need special care. People who are already working in this sector (e.g. healthcare assistant, home care assistant, community support assistant, and/or residential or day service assistant) could be highly benefited from this one.

Progression in future of this area could lead towards nursing as well as registered manager role. So, do not late if you are thinking of applying. NVQ is an additional and reliable support for your better career and appreciated future.